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Before you register, please note these two inescapable requirements:
1)  You MUST have internet access and an email address.
2)  You must have a PayPal account, since that is how we  pay/reimburse our shoppers. If you do not have a Paypal account, it is simple, safe, and FREE to sign up at .  Please note that you MUST register the same address with PayPal that you register with Marketing Endeavors.
Marketing Endeavors uses the SASSIE software platform.  Experienced mystery shoppers are certainly familiar with this system already.  For you brand new shoppers, Marketing Endeavors utilizes this premiere mystery shopping system, because our shoppers have by and large agreed that SASSIE is THE preferred platform for accessibility, usability, and reliable shopper payment tracking.

If you are new to mystery shopping… We’d LOVE for you to get started with M.E., but you’ll need to be registered with Marketing Endeavors before you can perform shops for us.

If you are an experienced mystery shopper who has already used the SASSIE system for other MS companies… You still have to register with Marketing Endeavors before you can have shopping opportunities with M.E.

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It’s so simple! Just click on “New Shopper Sign Up,” enter your email address, and fill in your personal shopper profile information.

Once you’re done, our automatic scheduling system will email you anytime we have a shop anywhere near your zip code!